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03-05-2012 BACK by Popular Demand- An Update to my Old VGDTB Player

HELP for ERROR 380 Read this PDF file
Full Install File. VGDTB Player 1102 - For DeskBabes and Newer.
Just the binary File. VGDTB Player 1102 - For DeskBabes and Newer.
The Binary File is Just the EXE file. - Download and extract it to the same folder that the previous player is installed in.
The program was written in Windows XP. You may experience trouble if you try to use it in Vista or W7.
Read the Player 2 guide.
all of the functions of the Player are the same, but the VG GUI will be different.

Below is the New Software being developed in .net
This is a pre-release sample version.
I'm waiting for the final release from Totem so I can finish development.

02-20-2012 NEW version - fixes issue for New Beta Versions of VG Software
New - GUI can be stretched for users with large sized fonts
New Clip player for Version 1.0.6.x to

Read the Guide - How to use the New Player

Check back here to see if there is a new version
Version last updated 02-20-2012

Support for the Old Clip Player! I wrote this in 2008.
My First Clip Player Utility Still works TOO! - For use with ALL of the Collections including the Classics
Unzip to the same folder that you installed one of the other players to.
Read the included PDF document. You DO NOT RUN this program. It gets Associated to the Clip Files.
When you explore a folder, and Double click on a Clip, the Clip Player will push the name of the clip to VG to be played.
Read the PDF Document!

Download Replacement Screen Savers Here
WyldAnimal's Replacement Screen Savers

The Strip bar Replacement set

Read the How to Install page

Download Replacement Card Sets Here
Tools to Mange Card Sets
Card Switcher Utility - Un-zip and read the help file
Card Set Viewer - no help file yet for this one.

Card Sets for DeskBabes
CyberVixen's Black Set

Cyber Vixen's Red Set

Utility to Span your Collection across Multiple HDD's
Script and Instructions to Span 2 HDD's
This is For VISTA and WINDOWS 7 ONLY
Script maker Utility to Span HDD's - Un-zip and read the PDF file
For Advance Users ONLY! - No Support will be given by Me or Totem if you make a mistake.
This Utility is AS IS - use it at your own discrection. With that said. I have fully tested and verified that it works.